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Murphy (remember him?) is reprimanded

The gate’s still open, the horses escaped ages ago and the barn has burned down to the ground. Nevertheless, the state’s Supreme Judicial Court, at long last, ruled today that Superior Court Judge Ernest Murphy committed an ethical violation by sending threatening letters on official stationery to Boston Herald publisher Pat Purcell after winning a […]

Another slap for Judge Murphy

This has become the story that won’t die, and I’m sick of it. So take it away, Jessica Van Sack: The Commission on Judicial Conduct has recommended Superior Court Judge Ernest B. Murphy be publicly censured, suspended without pay for 30 days and fined $25,000 for sending two “bizarre” and “threatening” letters to the publisher […]

Judge Murphy’s latest money grab

Is there no end to Superior Court Judge Ernest Murphy’s greed? Apparently not. Murphy is now suing the Boston Herald’s insurance company for $6.8 million merely because it allowed the paper to defend itself against the judge’s libel suit, and then allowed an appeal of the jury’s $2 million-plus verdict (Globe story here; Herald story […]

Patrick to Murphy: Uh, no

There’s really nothing left to say about the saga of Middlesex Superior Court Judge Ernest Murphy, other than good for Gov. Deval Patrick for refusing to approve Murphy’s request for a disability pension. I don’t consider myself a Murphy-basher. I don’t doubt that he suffered terribly at the hands of the Herald’s sensationalistic coverage of […]

A bad day for Judge Murphy

It looks like Superior Court Judge Ernest Murphy could be a big loser despite winning a $2 million-plus libel judgment against the Herald — a judgment that was reaffirmed this spring by the state’s Supreme Judicial Court. The Associated Press reports that the state’s Commission on Judicial Conduct has filed charges with the SJC alleging […]

Blogging the Murphy case

Despite my determination not to get sucked into blogland this week, things keep coming up. This morning I listened to a voice-mail left last week (sorry) by someone who didn’t identify himself, but who sounded as though he is a lawyer. He seemed to be quite familiar with Superior Court Judge Ernest Murphy’s libel case […]

Murphy’s lawyer speaks

Mark Jurkowitz covered a news conference called earlier today by Howard Cooper, the lawyer for Superior Court Judge Ernest Murphy. Among other things, Cooper called the Boston Herald’s decision to release letters that Murphy sent to Herald publisher Pat Purcell “a publicity stunt in an apparent attempt to continue the paper’s campaign of libel against […]

Murphy’s woes mount

Alex Jones’ expertise is in media ethics, not judicial conduct. Still, since I know Jones to be both thoughtful and cautious, I was struck by the vehemence of his reaction to the letters that Superior Court Judge Ernest Murphy sent to Boston Herald publisher Pat Purcell last February and March. Jones, director of the Joan […]

Murphy apologizes

The Boston Herald reports that Judge Ernest Murphy has sent a letter to the Boston Globe apologizing for using court stationery in his handwritten missives to Herald publisher Pat Purcell. Murphy reportedly says in the letter that he didn’t realize it was illegal to use his official letterhead for personal business. (Via Romenesko.)

Parsing the Murphy letters

It’s hard to know what to make of handwritten letters purportedly sent last winter by Superior Court Judge Ernest Murphy to Boston Herald publisher Pat Purcell after the paper lost a libel case to Murphy. Herald lawyer Bruce Sanford calls the letters “a stark and sad attempt to bully the Herald” into abandoning its appeal […]

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