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Did Howie Carr turn on the former MassGOP leadership over unpaid bills?

During the Massachusetts governor’s race in 2022, Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr strangely turned on his allies in the MAGA wing of the state party and began attacking them in his column and on his radio show. Howie being Howie? Well, maybe. Or maybe not. Scott Van Voorhis, who writes the newsletter Contrarian Boston, reports […]

What’s next for Howie Carr?

At the bottom of Howie Carr’s column in today’s Boston Herald is this: “Howie will be back on the radio Monday at 3 p.m.” Since Carr had just been released from WRKO (AM 680), I figured he was going to do at least a temporary stint at the Herald’s Internet radio station — maybe even with […]

Howie Carr falsely claims Bill Ayers is ‘a convicted terrorist’

I could turn Media Nation into a full-time Howie Carr Watch, and I don’t want to do that. But it seems worth pointing out that Howie’s description today of Bill Ayers as “a convicted Weatherman terrorist” is — oh, how shall I put this? — false. As for Carr’s claim that Ayers ghostwrote Obama’s autobiography, […]

Howie Carr’s big, fat Christmas coming-out

Media Nation has been on hiatus, so I missed Howie Carr’s encounter with liposuction, which took up nearly all of the Boston Herald’s front page this past Sunday. Ralph Ranalli has all the details. The late Jack Cole would have known exactly what to call this: “alleged news.” Pathetic.

Howie Carr writes checks, too

I’m late with this, but I want to point out that Adam Gaffin of Universal Hub recently reported that Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr donated $100 to Royall Switzler, an unsuccessful Republican candidate for state representative in his hometown of Wellesley. Back in the day, Switzler was a legislative firebrand. But his political career came […]

Two questions about Howie Carr’s latest

Two questions about Howie Carr’s column in today’s Boston Herald: 1. Now that everyone knows he’s an actual Republican operative, and not just a Republican-leaning pundit, why is he even allowed to call Democrats and pretend that he’s entitled to a response? 2. Carr has always had a vicious cruel streak, which undermines his considerable […]

Howie Carr steps over the line — again

WRKO Radio talk-show host and Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr is back at it. On Saturday morning he served as the host of the Plymouth County GOP and Cape Cod Republican Club Unity Breakfast at the Radisson Hotel in Plymouth. I obtained the e-mail (at left) announcing the event from a trusted, non-partisan source. As […]

Howie Carr actually finds a new line to cross (III)

Conservative blogger D.R. Tucker writes this response at Red Mass Group. I respond to a response by Republican State Committee member Cynthia Stead. There’s a whole lot of responding going on.

Howie Carr actually finds a new line to cross (II)

Good thing I covered my asterisk when writing about Howie Carr’s gig at a Republican fundraiser in New Hampshire. Because, as I suspected, he has done it many times. The former journalist sleepwalks his way through the details here. To repeat: this is solely about Carr’s status as a Boston Herald columnist — not his […]

Howie Carr actually finds a new line to cross*

There are certain ethical rules that journalists — even rabidly opinionated columnists — try to follow. You don’t donate money to candidates. You don’t put signs on your lawn. You don’t put bumper stickers on your car. Then there’s Howie Carr, who’s speaking at a fundraiser on July 31 for the New Hampshire Republican State […]

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